2023 Emmy Awards Carpet and Backdrop Criticized for Lackluster Design

LOS ANGELES – The 2023 Emmy Awards received mixed reviews for its venue decor that some felt was drab and distracting. Despite the glamour of the red carpet, the silver carpet and black backdrop, known as a “step and repeat,” featuring the words “Fox” and “Emmys,” failed to impress many celebrities and viewers alike.

One of the notable critics was Chrissy Teigen, although she did not attend the ceremony. Teigen took to Instagram to express her disappointment, pleading for award shows to have better-looking step and repeats. She called for simplicity and floral designs, expressing her desire for a more aesthetically pleasing backdrop.

Teigen’s opinion was echoed by others, including an anonymous longtime event photographer, who believed that the backdrop was ugly and distracting. According to the photographer, the focus should be on the stars, not on the design behind them. Many online also criticized the unfinished appearance of the backdrop, comparing it to a construction site.

This isn’t the first time that the design of a red carpet has faced backlash. The previous year’s Oscars received criticism for its pale beige “champagne” carpet, which marked a departure from the traditional red carpet. Celebrities, including Jamie Lee Curtis, expressed their disappointment with the new design, particularly when it clashed with their chosen outfits.

In light of these criticisms, the event photographer offered some advice to organizers. They emphasized the importance of consulting with photographers before finalizing the backdrop and lighting for an event. Seeking opinions and feedback can help ensure a more visually appealing and memorable experience for everyone involved.

The Television Academy and Fox, the organizers of the Emmy Awards, have yet to comment on the criticism. As celebrities and viewers continue to voice their opinions, it remains to be seen whether future award shows will take note and make changes to their venue decor.