Cleveland, Ohio – The NFL playoffs are right around the corner, and as teams prepare for the postseason, the pressure is on to make accurate predictions. In an impressive display of skill, one expert went 11-5 against the spread and 10-6 straight up with his NFL picks last week. With a record well over .500, he’s feeling confident heading into the playoffs.

The expert recognizes the unpredictability of the postseason and the high stakes involved. He believes that in such a situation, a strategic approach is required, and he leans towards favoring underdogs. He hopes this strategy will continue to bring him success.

The first game featured on the expert’s radar is a matchup between veteran quarterback Joe Flacco and rookie sensation C.J. Stroud. Flacco’s experience and the strength of his team’s defense give him the edge in this showdown. The expert predicts that Flacco and the Cleveland Browns will come out on top.

Next, the Miami Dolphins face a tough challenge as they go up against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins are dealing with injuries, particularly on defense where they will be without their top three pass rushers. This disadvantage will likely be exploited by the Chiefs, who have a formidable offense led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The expert expects the Chiefs to secure the victory.

In a battle of two hot teams, the Buffalo Bills take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills are riding a five-game winning streak and look like a dangerous playoff team. On the other hand, the Steelers will be missing their key defensive player, T.J. Watt. Given the defensive struggles the Steelers have faced even with Watt, the expert predicts a convincing win for the Bills.

The expert also anticipates an exciting showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. With both offenses performing exceptionally well, this game is expected to be high-scoring. The Cowboys, however, bear the weight of expectations and the pressure to win. The expert foresees a closely contested game, ultimately favoring the Cowboys.

In a game that brings together two quarterbacks traded for each other, the Los Angeles Rams face the Detroit Lions. The Rams, who have surprised many with their playoff appearance, are likely to overcome the Lions’ defense. The expert predicts that the Rams will come out on top in a high-scoring affair.

Lastly, the Philadelphia Eagles face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles have struggled in recent weeks, losing five of their last six games. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have shown improvement and a resilient performance as of late. The expert believes that quarterback Baker Mayfield will shine for the Buccaneers against a struggling Eagles defense, leading to an upset victory.

As the NFL playoffs commence, one expert’s predictions give fans a glimpse into what they might expect. With a successful track record last week, this expert provides insights that could prove valuable in the unpredictable postseason.