“48 Hours” Investigates Shocking Austin Murder Plot and Sentencing Discrepancy

Austin, Texas – Jaclyn Edison, who was on probation after pleading guilty in a 2018 murder plot, has been sentenced to 120 days in jail. The murder plot resulted in the death of affluent jeweler Ted Shaughnessy and the near-murder of his wife Corey. The shocking crime initially led investigators to suspect Corey Shaughnessy, but she was later cleared and it was revealed that her son, Nicolas Shaughnessy, and his high school sweetheart Jaclyn Edison had planned the murder to gain access to the Shaughnessys’ money.

The attack occurred in the early hours of March 2, 2018, when two intruders entered the Shaughnessys’ home. Corey woke up to the sound of her dogs barking and witnessed the shooting that resulted in the death of Ted Shaughnessy. Corey managed to return fire and called 911 from her hiding place in the closet. When police arrived, they found a scene resembling a battlefield, with broken glass and bullet casings scattered on the floor.

Through their investigation, authorities discovered suspicious text exchanges between Nicolas Shaughnessy and Jaclyn Edison, indicating their involvement in the murder plot. They also found evidence that Nicolas and Edison had been married, which they had not disclosed to Corey or Ted. Eventually, Edison began cooperating with investigators and implicated Nicolas in the murder plot.

Despite the evidence against them, Nicolas Shaughnessy, Johnny Leon, and Aerion Smith, who carried out the attack, were offered a plea deal by the new district attorney, Jose Garza. They pled guilty to reduced charges and received varying sentences. Edison, who provided crucial information, received a sentence of 120 days in jail and 10 years of probation.

Corey Shaughnessy believes that Edison’s sentence is unjust and a dismissal of the pain and loss she has experienced. However, authorities have defended the plea deal, highlighting Edison’s cooperation in the investigation and the potential for a 20-year prison sentence if she violates probation.

Now living under a different name and out of state, Corey has accepted what happened and made her peace with it. She hasn’t spoken to Nicolas since his arrest, but made sure Edison knew her feelings through a video played at Edison’s plea hearing.

The case highlights the complexities of criminal justice and the range of sentences given in plea deals. Corey Shaughnessy questions the disparity in sentencing and hopes for a more thorough explanation from authorities. Until then, she continues to cope with the pain caused by the loss of her husband.