49ers Quarterback Brock Purdy Reflects on Playoff Success and Preps for New Postseason Journey

San Francisco, CA – As the 49ers prepare for this year’s playoffs, quarterback Brock Purdy reflects on his growth and experiences since last year’s postseason run. The young quarterback led the team to the NFC Championship Game and has had a full season, particularly the past two weeks, to ponder on his performance. Looking back at his impressive showing in the 2023 NFL playoffs, Purdy acknowledges the changes he has undergone since then.

Last year, Purdy was still finding his way as the starting quarterback, thrown into the position towards the end of the season. Every week, he had to prove himself and learn to play within the system. This year, however, Purdy feels more familiar with the offense and his role as a quarterback. Watching the games from last year helps him remember the emotions and feelings of playing in a playoff game, something he leans on as he enters this year’s postseason.

Digging through the film, Purdy reminds himself of what it took to win two playoff games as the last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft. His first playoff run was cut short when he tore his UCL against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, he now holds the 49ers’ single-season passing record and moves forward with newfound experience and wisdom.

Reflecting on the first playoff game last year, Purdy admits feeling tense, focusing on not turning the ball over while still making plays and doing what it took to win. He had to learn those skills, and revisiting the film helps him prepare for the upcoming playoff games this season, knowing what to expect.

Following the 49ers’ pursuit of their second Lombardi Trophy with Purdy leading the way, the quarterback has undergone a mindset shift since last year, a shift that improves his game. As Purdy enters this year’s playoffs, he is prepared to face new challenges and bring his team closer to victory.

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