Accuser Alleges Pressure for Sex from James Dolan and Harvey Weinstein in Explosive Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A new lawsuit filed in California federal court claims that James Dolan, the CEO of Madison Square Garden, pressured a massage therapist into a sexual relationship in 2013. The lawsuit also alleges that the therapist was later sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. Kellye Croft, the therapist, states in the suit that Dolan initially befriended her during a 2013 tour featuring his band, J.D. and the Straight Shot, and the Eagles.

Dolan’s lawyer, E. Danya Perry, called the case “meritless” and argued that the inclusion of Weinstein’s name was meant to “inflame.” Perry stated, “Mr. Dolan always believed Ms. Croft to be a good person and is surprised she would agree to these claims. Bottom line, this is not a he said/she said matter and there is compelling evidence to back up our position.”

According to the lawsuit, Croft was hired to provide massages for Glenn Frey, the late Eagles frontman, on the tour. However, she also massaged other band members and crew, and during this time, Dolan learned of her skills and handed her his card. Croft claims that she was unaware of Dolan’s prominence or position at the time.

The suit alleges that Dolan soon scheduled an appointment with Croft and during the massage, she confided in him about being ostracized by other tour members. Dolan promised to handle the situation, and afterwards, Croft continued to have a sexual relationship with him and provide him with professional massages.

The lawsuit also claims that Dolan arranged for Croft to encounter Weinstein. In late 2013, while on tour with the Eagles in California, Croft was told that her flight to Los Angeles would be paid for by the “JD credit card,” referring to Dolan. However, Croft later discovered that Dolan’s band would also be opening for the Eagles and that she would be staying at the same hotel as Dolan and his bandmates, including Weinstein.

Croft alleges that Weinstein pursued her, offering her a job as a masseuse on movie sets. She declined, but Weinstein became more aggressive, stating, “Well, this is just how people do things in Hollywood.” The suit states that Weinstein followed her to her room, tried to penetrate her, and threatened her when she mentioned Dolan.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and was filed as part of a newly opened window for historical sexual offenses in California. The case against Dolan and Weinstein comes at a time when both men have faced multiple lawsuits for sexual misconduct.

The Post attempted to contact Croft, but was unsuccessful. Dolan’s attorney argues that the claims are retaliatory and that the lawyer representing Croft has a history of filing cases against Dolan without success. A lawyer for Weinstein denied the allegations.

The lawsuit highlights the power dynamics and alleged abuse that can occur in the entertainment industry. It is yet another case that brings further attention to the widespread issue of sexual misconduct and the need for accountability in powerful industries.