Actor Mia Goth Faces Lawsuit after Allegedly Kicking Background Extra in the Head on Set of MaXXXine

LOS ANGELES – A background extra on the upcoming film “MaXXXine” is suing actress Mia Goth for alleged misconduct. James Hunter claims that Goth intentionally kicked him in the head during a scene, resulting in his dismissal from the film. The incident occurred last April and led to Hunter suffering a concussion.

The lawsuit, filed against Goth, A24 (the film’s production company), and director Ti West, alleges that Hunter was hired to play the role of “Dead Parishioner” and was instructed to lay on the ground covered in fake blood. According to Hunter, Goth was supposed to step over him during the scene.

However, Hunter states that in one take, Goth nearly stepped on him and he raised his concerns with the second assistant director. Despite this, Hunter claims that during the next take, Goth deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot. Hunter also alleges that after the scene, Goth entered the bathroom where he was and subjected him to taunting and mocking.

As a result of the incident, Hunter experienced pain when removing his blood-soaked robe. He also had to pull over twice on his drive home due to feeling lightheaded. The following day, the casting agency informed Hunter that he was not needed for the remainder of his scheduled shoot.

The lawsuit accuses Goth of battery and includes a wrongful termination claim against Goth, A24, and West. Hunter is seeking damages for the alleged misconduct and the impact it had on his career.

It is important to note that these allegations have not been proven in court, and representatives for Goth and A24 have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

In summary, Mia Goth is facing a lawsuit from a background extra who claims she intentionally kicked him in the head during a scene for the film “MaXXXine.” The incident resulted in his dismissal from the film and alleged concussion. The lawsuit accuses Goth of battery and includes a wrongful termination claim. Representatives for Goth and the film’s production company, A24, have yet to respond to the allegations.