Actor Troy Baker Takes on Iconic Role in New Indiana Jones Video Game

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Acclaimed actor Troy Baker has been announced as the voice of the wise-cracking adventurer in the highly anticipated video game, “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.” Developed by Bethesda, the game takes place in the timeline of the iconic Indiana Jones films, about one year after the events of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and before “The Last Crusade.” Baker, known for his role as Joel in “The Last of Us” franchise, will bring charm and humor to the character, according to MachinesGames’ co-founder and lead game designer, Jerk Gustafsson.

The game’s storyline revolves around an exploration of significant spiritual sites throughout history. The titular Great Circle is a perfectly aligned circle that can be drawn by connecting these locations. In the game, Dr. Indiana Jones wakes to the sound of a crash and embarks on a mission to recover a stolen artifact while unraveling a greater mystery. Along the way, he encounters Locus, the main antagonist voiced by Tony Todd, known for his roles in “Candyman” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.”

Other key characters in the game include Gina Lombardi, an investigative journalist voiced by Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi, and Emmerich Voss, the villain portrayed by Marios Gavrilis. Gustafsson describes Voss as similar to Indy in his search for major mysteries and unknowns.

“The Great Circle” offers players a mix of story-driven gameplay, puzzle-solving, open-world exploration, and stealth. The game frequently switches between a first-person perspective and third-person cut scenes to give fans the classic Indiana Jones experience. The development team has aimed to capture the feel of an authentic ’80s Indiana Jones film, with cinematic approaches to action and music that channels the style of John Williams’ classic score.

Baker’s involvement in the game goes beyond voice acting. He played an active role in the development process, collaborating with the team in blocking sessions to fine-tune scenes and camera angles. This level of collaboration has made Baker an integral part of the development team.

“Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” promises to bring the iconic adventurer back to life in an exciting and immersive gaming experience. With Troy Baker at the helm, fans can anticipate a faithful portrayal that captures the charm and humor of the beloved character.