Addiction, Faith, and Fun Trivia: David Boreanaz’s Surprising On-Set Items Revealed

Chicago, IL – David Boreanaz, the actor famously known for his role in the hit TV series “Bones,” revealed some interesting items he carried in his pockets while on set. These personal mementos served different purposes, providing insight into Boreanaz’s character and beliefs.

One of the items Boreanaz kept in his pockets was a pair of craps dice. These dice served as a release for his nervous energy, which likely arose from his addiction struggles. Though not visibly apparent on camera, it can be assumed that Boreanaz would occasionally fiddle with the dice during his character’s more anxious scenes.

Another item Boreanaz carried was a St. Christopher medal, symbolizing his Roman Catholic faith. St. Christopher, known as the Patron Saint of Travel, represents a prominent figure in Catholic iconography. The legend behind Christopher’s patronage revolves around his act of safely carrying an infant child across a river, only to discover that the child was Jesus Christ. To this day, many devout Catholics display figurines or wear medals of St. Christopher, seeking his protection during journeys.

Interestingly, off-set, Boreanaz and his co-star Emily Deschanel had a unique way of communicating when they needed a brief break from each other. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the two good friends would discreetly send each other a can of Diet Coke. Deschanel did not drink Diet Coke, creating a clear message between them. However, Boreanaz playfully engaged in this gesture rather than as a serious means of communication.

In summary, David Boreanaz, known for his role in “Bones,” carried a pair of craps dice to alleviate nervous energy, a St. Christopher medal to symbolize his Roman Catholic faith, and he and Emily Deschanel had a playful way of signaling when they needed a short break from each other on set. These personal items provide a glimpse into Boreanaz’s character and the dynamics of working on a highly successful TV show.

It’s fascinating to delve into the personal items actors carry with them while working on set. These objects hold sentimental value and serve various purposes, providing insight into their lives and beliefs. Boreanaz’s craps dice, St. Christopher medal, and playful communication with his co-star reveal intriguing aspects of his personality. Overall, these items contribute to the rich tapestry of experiences that shape an actor’s performance and the dynamic relationships forged on set.