Adorable Nysa Shines in Pink Lehenga, Kajol Can’t Help but Gush

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kajol recently took to Instagram to share some adorable pictures of her daughter, Nysa, wearing a stunning pink lehenga. The post received an overwhelming response from Kajol’s friends and fans, who praised Nysa’s beauty and compared her to her mother. Kajol captioned the post, “Pretty in pink from the age of two till 20 .. still loving it! Thank u MM.”

In an exclusive interview with NDTV’s Arun Singh, Kajol discussed how her daughter Nysa deals with the paparazzi. She recalled an incident when Nysa was just two years old and they were in Jaipur without any security. The paparazzi surrounded them and started yelling, causing Nysa to burst into tears. Kajol comforted her and explained that the photographers meant no harm and it was just their job. She emphasized that she has always tried to keep her children away from the media glare.

When asked if she has given any tips to Nysa on how to handle the paparazzi, Kajol explained that her children have learned through their own experiences, which she believes are more valuable than any advice she can give them.

Kajol and Ajay Devgn, both successful actors in Bollywood, met on the sets of a film and got married in 1999. They are proud parents to two children – Nysa, born in 2003, and Yug, born in 2010.

Kajol’s Instagram post showcasing Nysa in a beautiful pink lehenga has garnered much attention and admiration from her followers. The actress continues to share glimpses of her family life with her fans on social media.

It is evident from the post that Kajol is a loving and proud mother, and she cherishes every moment with her children. Nysa’s charming smile and grace have left fans in awe, and they can’t help but appreciate her resemblance to her talented mother. Kajol’s followers eagerly await more updates and pictures from the actress, as she continues to give insights into her personal life through her social media accounts.