Adria Arjona: The Perfect Choice for DCU’s Wonder Woman 3?

LOS ANGELES, CA – There has been speculation surrounding the future of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe (DCU) under the direction of James Gunn and Peter Safran. However, it appears that Gal Gadot will not be reprising her role as the iconic superheroine.

Initially, a third Wonder Woman film was in development with Patty Jenkins set to direct. With the changes brought about by the co-heads of DC Studios, Gunn and Safran, the project was ultimately shelved.

Reports suggest that Jenkins decided to walk away from the project after receiving feedback on her treatment from the studio. Apparently, Warner Bros. executives were not completely sold on her pitch, citing “character arc problems which rivalled that of Wonder Woman 1984.”

Contrary to Gadot’s claims of returning for Wonder Woman 3, trade publications have refuted this statement. While Gunn has remained silent on the matter, it is unlikely that the Heart of Stone star will don the Lasso of Truth again.

In recent fan-art by @21xfour, Adria Arjona is depicted as Wonder Woman. The Andor star sports an outfit similar to Gadot’s portrayal of the character, with a star design on the skirt as a nod to Lynda Carter’s earlier incarnation of the beloved DC Comics hero.

The artist writes, “Adria Arjona is still my number one choice for Wonder Woman in the DCU. After watching her outstanding performance in Andor, I am convinced that she is capable of portraying the iconic heroine, promising yet another brilliant portrayal. I hope she gets the opportunity.”

While there are no immediate plans for Wonder Woman in the upcoming DCU slate, a Max TV series titled Paradise Lost is currently in development. This series will focus on “a Game of Thrones-type story about Themyscira.”

To summarize, it remains uncertain if Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe. After Patty Jenkins’ departure and the changes brought by James Gunn and Peter Safran, the third Wonder Woman film has been shelved. Adria Arjona has been suggested as a potential replacement, with fan-art showcasing her as the iconic superheroine. Additionally, a TV series called Paradise Lost is in the works, exploring Themyscira in a Game of Thrones-style narrative.