“After Midnight” Reboots the Comedy Game Show Genre with Host Taylor Tomlinson

Los Angeles, CA – The highly anticipated reboot of the Comedy Central game show ‘@midnight’, titled ‘After Midnight’, finally premiered on January 16. The show has taken over the timeslot previously occupied by James Corden. Hosted by comedian Taylor Tomlinson, ‘After Midnight’ is an internet-themed panel game show that challenges comedians to come up with the best jokes during a series of improv games.

The premiere episode featured comedians Whitney Cummings, Aparna Nancherla, and Kurt Braunohler battling it out in front of a live studio audience. Tomlinson jokingly offered the grand prize of “my father’s approval” to the winner. The show aims to take internet culture and make it enjoyable, with Tomlinson highlighting that the points are fake.

The first competition of the night was called Group Chat. Comedians were given a series of punchline challenges after viewing an internet meme. Points were awarded to the funniest responses. Another game, called hashtag wars, required the comedians to come up with silly show titles based on a given hashtag. The premiere episode also included other games like What I Can’t Live Without and Suburban Dictionary, with Braunohler and Nancherla delivering the best answers.

Whitney Cummings, despite her low score, remained a great sport throughout the competition. After an elimination game called “Is this Still Cool,” Cummings was cut from the competition and made a sarcastic parting speech, claiming that the show was rigged and that the other contestants were jealous pigs.

The ultimate winners of the premiere episode were Braunohler and Nancherla, who had to come up with made-up holidays. Nancherla won with her creation of “Ashley Wednesday” and will receive the approval of Tomlinson’s father as a reward.

‘After Midnight’ is co-showrun by Jack Martin, former showrunner of ‘@midnight’, and Eric Pierce. The executive producers include Stephen Colbert, Carrie Byalick, Tom Purcell, Evelyn McGee Colbert, James Dixon, Joe Farrell, Mike Farah, Whitney Hodack, and Henry R. Muñoz III from Funny Or Die. Jason U. Nadler from Serious Business, who co-created ‘@midnight’, also serves as an executive producer.

Upcoming episodes will feature contestants Paul F. Tompkins, Sophie Buddle, Carl Tart, as well as Max Greenfield, Ike Barinholtz, and Robby Hoffman from ‘The Neighborhood’. LA – After Midnight, previously known as @midnight, a popular Comedy Central game show, made its debut on January 16 with host Taylor Tomlinson. The reboot features comedians competing in improv games with an internet theme.