After Months of Rumors, Common Finally Confirms Relationship with Jennifer Hudson on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’

CHICAGO, IL – After months of speculation, rapper Common and renowned singer/actor Jennifer Hudson are reportedly ready to confirm their relationship to the public. It is expected that Common will open up about their love life during an upcoming appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” on January 22.

In a teaser clip shared on the show’s official Instagram account, Hudson playfully presses Common to discuss their romance. The audience reacts with excitement as the rapper nervously giggles and confirms that he is indeed dating someone. He goes on to describe his partner as one of the most beautiful people he has ever met, praising her intelligence, down-to-earth nature, talent, and her achievements, including winning an Oscar and hosting her own talk show.

The full interview is set to air on January 22, leaving fans eager to hear more about the couple’s relationship. Social media erupted with celebratory messages following the announcement, with fans expressing their happiness and admiration for the pair.

It’s worth noting that rumors of Common and Hudson dating have been circulating for months, but the couple has remained tight-lipped about their relationship. During a previous interview in June, Common spoke highly of Hudson, describing her as an inspiring and incredible human being.

Prior to his relationship with Hudson, Common was involved with comedian Tiffany Haddish. Hudson, on the other hand, was previously engaged to former WWE wrestler David Otunga.

The news of Common and Hudson’s relationship has generated considerable buzz, and fans can expect further details when the full interview airs on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

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