Alexis Bellino Shades Shannon Beador’s Relationship with John Janssen’s Kids in Birthday Celebration

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellino appears to be taunting her ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife, Shannon Beador, by highlighting her positive relationship with John Janssen’s children. Bellino took to Instagram to share her 47th birthday celebrations, which included a staycation at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, California. In the caption of a video montage, Bellino expressed her gratitude for the special occasion and love from her children. She also posted additional photos on her Instagram Story, defending her relationship with Janssen.

Beador and Janssen had a tumultuous relationship, which came to a head in July 2023 when Beador allegedly screamed at Janssen’s daughter during a bar incident. Bellino’s posts on social media seemingly highlight the contrast in her own relationship with Janssen’s children. She shared a picture of herself kissing Janssen with the caption, “This man makes me know we can take this world on together. Haters… go away! You ain’t touching this PYT.” Bellino also posted a photo of herself with her own children, noting that spending time with Janssen’s kids was her favorite part of her birthday celebration.

Bellino and Janssen went public with their romance in December 2023, and Beador has expressed her hurt over their relationship. Janssen stood by Beador after her arrest in September 2023 for DUI and a hit-and-run, but their relationship seemed to diminish afterward. Bellino and Janssen first made headlines in November 2023 and officially confirmed their relationship the following month.

Beador and Janssen have two children from their previous marriage, and their blended family dynamic has been challenging. Beador has admitted to not having a positive relationship with Janssen’s daughter, which is not uncommon in blended families. Despite the difficulties, Beador and Janssen have spent time together and had fun, even after their breakup.

The social media posts by Bellino seem to be a subtle dig at Beador, highlighting her own positive relationship with Janssen’s children. Beador’s outburst at Janssen’s daughter and her ongoing feud with Bellino may contribute to the tension in the situation. This public display of contrasting relationships may further strain the already complicated dynamics between the parties involved.