AMC’s ‘Monsieur Spade’: A Moody, Intriguing Sequel That Pays Homage to ‘The Maltese Falcon’

PARIS – The upcoming premiere of “Monsieur Spade,” a limited series on AMC, is set to steal the spotlight from the latest installment of “True Detective.” This new series follows the iconic detective character Sam Spade, created by Dashiell Hammett and famously portrayed by Humphrey Bogart. Clive Owen takes on the role of an older, world-weary Spade, who finds himself drawn back into the world of sleuthing after a shocking act of violence disrupts his retired life in France.

Set in the mid-1950s and 1960s, “Monsieur Spade” weaves a captivating narrative that explores Spade’s past and introduces a cast of intriguing characters with questionable motives. The series skillfully integrates details of post-World War II baggage and Cold War politics, all while showcasing Spade’s resistance to modernity.

Filmed in France, “Monsieur Spade” benefits from the expertise of veteran producers Scott Frank and Tom Fontana, as well as the sharp writing and dialogue that brings the story to life. The series effortlessly balances the allure of its setting with the complex characters and mysterious plotlines.

AMC, known for hits like “The Walking Dead” and “Better Call Saul,” has demonstrated its ability to produce high-quality series, and “Monsieur Spade” is no exception. By taking a creative approach to existing intellectual property and exploring new territory both geographically and thematically, the network has crafted a compelling and promising series.

“Monsieur Spade” is set to premiere on January 14 on AMC, AMC+, and Acorn TV.

In summary, AMC’s upcoming limited series “Monsieur Spade” is generating excitement as it offers a thrilling continuation of Dashiell Hammett’s iconic character. Clive Owen’s portrayal of an older Spade brings a world-weary and captivating performance, enticing viewers into a story that seamlessly combines a compelling narrative with elements of history and intrigue. With its well-crafted writing and skillful production, “Monsieur Spade” promises to be a must-watch series for fans of detective dramas. Don’t miss the premiere on January 14.