Apology Issued by SM Entertainment Over Haechan’s Indoor E-Cigarette Incident: Promises Precautions to Avoid Future Mishaps

SEOUL, South Korea – K-pop group NCT’s agency, SM Entertainment, has released an official statement apologizing for a recent video showing member Haechan smoking an e-cigarette indoors. The agency confirmed the violation of smoking laws and mentioned that they will pay the penalty charged by the local health center.

“We would like to deeply apologize for causing concerns with such careless actions. We will take precautions to prevent such a mistake from happening again,” the representative stated.

The controversy arose when footage of Haechan smoking an e-cigarette in a practice room at SM Entertainment circulated on online communities. The incident sparked a debate among fans and the public regarding smoking regulations and the responsibility of idols as role models.

It is worth noting that Haechan recently announced a temporary hiatus from his activities due to being diagnosed with tonsillitis.

In conclusion, SM Entertainment has issued an official apology for the incident involving NCT member Haechan smoking an e-cigarette indoors. The agency acknowledges the violation of smoking laws and assures fans that precautions will be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.