Armie Hammer and Marina Gris Call Off Secret Engagement, Amid Controversy

LOS ANGELES – Armie Hammer’s secret engagement has come to an end, according to an announcement made by Marina Gris on her Instagram Story. Gris, a self-described lover of psychopaths, revealed that she and the “Call Me by Your Name” actor broke up a month ago. She stated that her experiences with Hammer were positive and not reflective of the rape allegations against him. Gris described their relationship as one of love, support, and understanding. However, she acknowledged that she is not responsible for Hammer’s past or future relationships. The breakup comes just months after Hammer finalized his divorce from ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers. Hammer has not commented on the relationship or the breakup. In 2021, Hammer faced rape allegations, but he was not charged after a police investigation. Following the allegations, Hammer entered rehab for substance abuse issues. The actor’s future in the entertainment industry remains uncertain.