Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained in Germany over Luxury Watch for Charity Auction

MAINZ, Germany – Former California governor and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been detained and is now facing criminal tax proceedings after being stopped by customs officials at Munich Airport in Germany. The incident occurred during a routine check upon his arrival on Wednesday. Although questioned for 2½ hours, Schwarzenegger was eventually allowed to leave, according to an airport customs spokesperson. The detainment is reportedly related to a luxury watch that Schwarzenegger had brought into the country. The watch was meant to be a prize at a charity auction for the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, an organization aiming to combat climate change.

An individual close to Schwarzenegger claimed that he cooperated throughout the process but described the incident as an “incompetent shakedown.” The officials have initiated criminal tax proceedings, managed by their fines and criminal office. A spokesperson for Munich’s customs office confirmed the initiation and stated that it is too early to predict the outcome. The investigation involves the collection of personal and financial information from Schwarzenegger, who was also given the opportunity to seek legal advice before proceeding.

The source close to Schwarzenegger mentioned that he agreed to prepay taxes on the watch but encountered difficulties with finding a working credit card machine. As a result, he was accompanied to an ATM at the airport. Unfortunately, the withdrawal limit was insufficient, and the bank was closed. However, the tax was eventually paid using a second credit card machine. Despite the ordeal, the source informed that the watch will still be auctioned as planned, with proper reporting by the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

Schwarzenegger had been scheduled to host a charity auction in the Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel, as part of a series of events accompanying an annual Alpine skiing competition. The funds generated from the event would have contributed to environmental projects and the Austrian World Summit climate conference held in Vienna, organized by the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. In a news release, the actor emphasized the importance of giving back to create a cleaner and healthier future.

While the investigation unfolds, it is uncertain what the next steps will be in Schwarzenegger’s case. Both his legal team and the customs office are expected to continue their procedures. The incident has sparked interest and speculation, given Schwarzenegger’s celebrity status and involvement in environmental activism. As the story develops, more insights may emerge regarding the circumstances surrounding the detainment and the potential impact on his charity work.