Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell Reunite in Action-Packed Old West Shoot-‘Em-Up Movie Trailer

Canadian actors Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards are reuniting on-screen for the first time since the finale of the popular television show “Arrow.” The duo will appear together in the upcoming western film “Calamity Jane,” which is set to be released in theaters and digitally on February 2.

In “Calamity Jane,” Amell portrays Wild Bill Hickok, who is killed in a poker game. Rickards plays the titular character, Calamity Jane, who must escape from prison and seek revenge for Hickok’s death. However, her quest is complicated by the arrival of Deadwood’s Sheriff Mason, portrayed by Tim Rozon from “Wynonna Earp,” who is determined to capture her.

Amell shared the trailer for the film on Instagram, captioning it with “When @EmiilyBett calls, I answer.” This marks the first time that Amell and Rickards have worked together since the finale of “Arrow” in January 2020.

Rickards unexpectedly announced her departure from the show in March 2019, but made a surprise return for the series finale to bring closure to the beloved couple known as #Olicity. Despite the limited availability of Rickards for the final episode, the original plan was for her character to appear in flashbacks alongside Amell’s character Oliver and David Ramsey’s character Diggle.

Fans of the Arrowverse and the Amell-Rickards on-screen dynamic are likely eager to see the pair reunite in “Calamity Jane.” The film promises action-packed scenes and the opportunity for the actors to showcase their chemistry once again.

“Calamity Jane” is just the latest project for both Amell and Rickards, who have continued to pursue acting opportunities since their time on “Arrow.” This reunion is sure to excite fans and generate buzz leading up to the film’s release.