Astro Members Celebrate Moonbin’s 26th Birthday with Heartfelt Messages and Songs

SEOUL, South Korea – Moonbin, a member of the K-pop group ASTRO, celebrated his 26th birthday on January 26th with heartfelt messages and photos shared by his close friends and bandmates. Cha Eun Woo, another member of ASTRO, took to Instagram and shared a cover of the song “Love is Gone” along with a letter to Moonbin. In the letter, Cha Eun Woo expressed his wishes for a happy birthday and mentioned how Moonbin’s memory continues to inspire him in his work. He also mentioned that he has been working on dramas and an album, urging Moonbin to check them out when they are released.

Sanha, another member of ASTRO, posted a photo of the moon to Instagram and wrote “Twenty-four, twenty-six,” indicating their ages and wishing Moonbin a happy birthday. He also complimented Cha Eun Woo’s cover of the song, expressing his admiration.

MJ, another bandmate of Moonbin’s, expressed his love and longing for him in a Twitter post. He wrote, “Our Bin~ Happy birthday💜 I love you, and I miss you, my dongsaeng^^ Written by MJ~hyung.”

Members of other K-pop groups also joined in celebrating Moonbin’s birthday. Woozi from SEVENTEEN fulfilled his promise to release a song titled “What kind of future” on Moonbin’s birthday. The song conveys the lasting impact of Moonbin’s smile and love.

I.M from MONSTA X, who shares a birthday with Moonbin, shared a photo of the moon and expressed his feelings of missing him. He mentioned how they used to call each other and wish each other a happy birthday, but this year feels different.

Overall, Moonbin’s birthday was marked by heartfelt messages and gestures of love and admiration from his friends and fellow K-pop idols. The celebration highlighted the strong bond and lasting memories they share, as well as the impact Moonbin has had on their lives.