Badgers Dominate Buckeyes with Impressive Defensive Win

Wisconsin Badgers Remain Undefeated in Big Ten with Win over Ohio State

On January 10, 2024, the Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes in a defensive battle, securing a 71-60 victory. This win marks the Badgers’ fifth consecutive win and keeps them undefeated in the Big Ten conference.

Despite the challenging road game, the Badgers displayed efficiency in the slower-paced match, averaging 1.246 points per possession. In comparison, the Buckeyes only managed to score 1.07 points per possession.

The Badgers showcased their defensive prowess by limiting the Buckeyes’ guard tandem, Roddy Gayle Jr. and Bruce Thornton, to just 10 out of 30 shooting attempts. Their strong defensive performance allowed them to hold the Buckeyes to a total of 60 points.

Max Klesmit emerged as a crucial player for the Badgers in this game. After scoring zero points in the first half, Klesmit erupted in the second half, contributing 18 points. His scoring spree, which included 10 consecutive points for the Badgers, played a pivotal role in their victory. Klesmit’s defensive contributions were equally valuable, as he successfully shut down the Buckeyes’ top scorer, Jamison Battle, in the second half.

The Badgers also faced a concern regarding center Steven Crowl, who was listed as questionable before the game due to a lower-body injury. Despite this, Crowl demonstrated his resilience by playing 28 minutes in the game. However, he seemed limited in his offensive and defensive capabilities, potentially impacted by his injury.

A.J. Storr was instrumental in keeping the Badgers competitive during the first half of the game. His impressive performance led to the team’s 35-33 halftime lead, with Storr contributing 15 of their first 29 points. Although Storr’s offensive output diminished in the second half, he played a crucial role in enabling the Badgers to remain on par with the Buckeyes during the initial 30 minutes.

The Badgers’ victory against the Buckeyes showcases their ability to excel in tough defensive games and their improved ability to close out matches. Key contributions from players like Klesmit and Storr have been instrumental in their success this season.

With this win, the Wisconsin Badgers maintain their undefeated record in the Big Ten conference, solidifying their position as a formidable team.