Balakrishna’s Fiery Anger Erupts Over Jr NTR Flexies at NTR Ghat

Hyderabad, India – On the anniversary of actor NTR’s death, his family assembled at the NTR ghat to pay homage. Amidst the somber occasion, an incident unfolded that caught everyone’s attention: Balakrishna’s ire towards the display of flexies featuring Jr NTR.

Outside the ghat, fans, TDP supporters, party workers, and others had erected flexies. One particular flexi showcased Jr NTR in his iconic Yamadharma Raju getup from the film “Yama Donga,” alongside a picture of Sr NTR in a similar attire.

The sight of these flexies immediately sparked Balakrishna’s anger, prompting him to swiftly order his supporters to take them down. Witnesses observed as Balakrishna vocally expressed his frustration, compelling his followers to remove the offensive flexi from the premises and place it farther away. This incident once again exposes the underlying tension between the two relatives.

Fans of NTR have expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction at Balakrishna’s treatment of Jr NTR on social media platforms. The incident has further fueled discussions about the strained relationship between the Babai and Abbai (uncle and nephew).

The implications of this incident reach beyond the removal of a flexi. It underscores the complex dynamics within the legendary actor’s family and echoes the ongoing power struggles within the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

Such episodes continue to captivate the public’s attention as they peel back the curtain on the private lives and political maneuverings of influential figures, leaving fans and followers on edge as they await the next development in this long-standing family saga.

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