Belichick’s Future: Potential Landing Spots and Surprises Await the NFL Legend

Atlanta, Georgia – The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly close to finalizing a deal with Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to become their new head coach, according to CBS Sports Lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. This decision is significant as it impacts the legacy of esteemed NFL head coach Bill Belichick.

Belichick, former head coach of the New England Patriots, exclusively interviewed for the Falcons job and was considered a top contender. With the position soon to be filled, there are now only two remaining coaching vacancies in the league. NBC Sports recently reported that several teams are quietly considering pursuing Belichick. While one of these teams currently has a head coach, the other doesn’t. The outcome of these potential moves remains uncertain.

The question arises of whether Belichick could be the loser in this round of NFL coaching musical chairs. What options are available to him at this stage? When parting ways with the Patriots, Belichick had multiple opportunities. In the following sections, we will explore a few potential landing spots for him.

The Washington Commanders are one of the two teams still searching for a new head coach. The position is viewed as an attractive one due to the presence of Josh Harris and new general manager Adam Peters. However, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is favored for the job, and being in the NFC Championship game means he cannot immediately join the Commanders. Washington has shown no interest in pursuing Belichick, and it would be surprising to see the 71-year-old coach land there.

The Seattle Seahawks are the other team yet to hire a head coach. Considering the NBC Sports report, they could be the team without a coach that is considering a late bid for Belichick. However, it may not make much sense to replace a 72-year-old coach with another who is 71. The Seahawks present a desirable opportunity with their strong organization, talented players in key positions, and recent success.

Returning to the AFC East, there is a possibility that a former rival team could be eyeing Belichick. The New York Jets had another disappointing season in 2023, and their poor performance cannot be solely attributed to losing Aaron Rodgers early on. Conversely, the Cleveland Browns went 11-6 and made the playoffs without their starting quarterback, who had previously played for the Jets. While Jets’ coach Robert Saleh is reportedly safe for now, his record of 18-33 and handling of the quarterback situation raise doubts.

As for the Buffalo Bills, their postseason run was cut short by the Kansas City Chiefs once again. This marks the third consecutive year that the Bills have been eliminated in the divisional round. With head coach Sean McDermott, the Bills have built a strong team, but some wonder if they have reached their ceiling. The possibility of a motivated Belichick facing his former team twice a year as he chases all-time win records could be enticing.

Another potential scenario is Belichick taking a year off. While retirement might be the norm for most 70-year-olds, Belichick seems determined to continue coaching. One reason for this is his pursuit of Don Shula’s record for the most regular-season wins in NFL history. Belichick is 26 wins away from tying Shula in this category, and he is also just 14 wins away from tying Shula for the most wins overall, including playoffs. It’s possible that he may take on a consulting role or bide his time in Nantucket before eventually taking over as head coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024.

In summary, the Atlanta Falcons’ imminent agreement with Raheem Morris for the head coach position affects the potential career moves of Bill Belichick. While he was favored for the Falcons job, the remaining coaching vacancies and other teams’ considerations leave uncertainty around his next steps. Possible landing spots include the Washington Commanders and the Seattle Seahawks. The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills could also be options, and Belichick taking a year off remains a possibility. His pursuit of NFL records may keep him in the coaching arena for the foreseeable future.