Beloved General Hospital Actor, William deVry, Mourns Unexpected Loss of Rescued Dog while Watching Canadiens Game

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – William deVry, best known for playing Julian Jerome on the soap opera “General Hospital,” is proving to be quite different from his troubled character in real life. DeVry, a passionate hockey fan and animal lover, frequently opens his home to rescue dogs. These two passions often intersect, with the adorable pups joining him to watch hockey games and other sports.

In a recent tweet, deVry shared a heartwarming photo of a bed filled with his furry companions, eagerly awaiting their breakfast. Alongside the photo, he mentioned a light-hearted name change for one of the dogs while watching a Rams game. However, he left fans wondering what exactly was on the menu that morning.

Unfortunately, being a pet owner also means experiencing the pain of saying goodbye to these beloved family members. DeVry, without giving details, announced the loss of one of his cherished dogs on Twitter. He expressed his sadness and thanked his followers for being part of her rescue journey. The tweet evoked empathy from fellow “General Hospital” cast member Lisa LoCicero (who portrays Olivia) and others in the comment section, who shared their own stories of pet loss.

DeVry emphasized that despite the heartbreak, knowing that his dogs had a good life made it all worth it. Lamenting the loss, he acknowledged that the grief never becomes easier, no matter how many times one goes through it with their beloved pets.

In conclusion, William deVry, the former actor of Julian Jerome on “General Hospital,” has a soft spot for animals and hockey. He frequently welcomes rescue dogs into his home, and they often join him to watch sports. After the recent loss of one of his beloved dogs, deVry’s fans and fellow cast members extended their sympathies. Despite the grief, deVry finds solace in knowing that his dogs had a good life.