Ben Affleck Joins Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner for Family Outing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California – Hollywood actor Ben Affleck was seen on a family outing with his wife Jennifer Lopez and ex-wife Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles on Sunday. The trio, along with their children, were spotted leaving a musical performance together. While Garner seemed to keep her distance from Affleck and Lopez, walking ahead with their children, Affleck and Lopez walked behind with Lopez’s daughter Emme.

Affleck, 51, was seen chatting with Emme, while Lopez walked arm-in-arm with him. The complicated history between the three is well-known. Lopez and Affleck were previously engaged but called off their wedding before Affleck married Garner. Lopez went on to marry Marc Anthony, and after their divorces, Lopez and Affleck rekindled their romance in 2021 and got married the following year.

Garner, 51, opted for a casual look in a grey sweater, blue jeans, and black sneakers, while Lopez dressed down in a white top and oversized pants. Affleck matched their casual vibe with a plaid button-up, grey t-shirt, and tan pants. The children, Seraphina and Samuel, were also dressed casually for the outing.

It’s worth noting that although Garner and Affleck divorced in 2018 after 13 years of marriage, they have maintained a strong co-parenting relationship. They have been frequently rumored to reconcile, but both have moved on with Lopez and businessman John Miller, respectively.

The outing in Los Angeles not only showcased the blended family spending time together but also included a brief interaction with comedian Will Ferrell, who was also at the performance. The pictures captured the smiles and friendly conversation between the former couple and Ferrell.

In a recent interview, Lopez opened up about their past relationship, acknowledging the scrutiny they faced in the early 2000s, when their engagement ended and their film Gigli flopped. She mentioned that both she and Affleck still have “PTSD,” but now, being older and wiser, they prioritize what is truly important in life and are true to themselves.

As the family continues to navigate their unique dynamics, it is clear that they prioritize their children’s well-being and maintain a respectful co-parenting relationship.