Beverly Johnson Exposes Shocking Racism in Modeling Industry: Hotel Drained Pool After I Swam

LOS ANGELES – Model Beverly Johnson recently spoke out about a racist encounter she faced during her career, shedding light on an incident that occurred almost 40 years ago. Johnson, who made history as the first Black model on the cover of Vogue, shared that she had gone swimming at a hotel once, only to discover that the pool was drained right after she got out.

The revelation came during a conversation at a birthday party back in 2012, when Johnson’s friends brought up the topic of a hotel that had drained its pool in the 80s. Johnson was shocked to learn about this incident, as she had no previous knowledge of it occurring. She firmly believes that the action was motivated by racism, but she refuses to disclose the hotel’s name, citing a desire to avoid litigation.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has spoken about the racial discrimination she experienced in the modeling industry. In her 2015 memoir, “The Face That Changed It All,” as well as in a 2020 op-ed for The Washington Post, she discussed other instances of racism she encountered.

During the interview, Johnson also revealed that fellow model Lauren Hutton had always supported her and advocated for more opportunities for her in the industry. Johnson recounted how Hutton would openly question why Beverly wasn’t featured on magazine covers, emphasizing that her words carried weight due to her status as the “it girl” at the time.

Johnson is currently promoting her new one-woman show, “Beverly Johnson In Vogue,” which is set to debut Off-Broadway. She expressed her excitement about the project and appears to be undeterred by any attempts to undermine her.

In conclusion, Beverly Johnson’s account of the pool incident highlights the racial discrimination she faced throughout her career in the modeling industry. With her courage and resilience, Johnson continues to advocate for diversity and equality, while also pursuing new ventures like her upcoming show.