Bidding War Alert: Original ‘Friends’ Scripts from 1998 Found in Trash Bin Up for Auction

LONDON – Original scripts from the hit sitcom “Friends” are set to go up for auction, giving fans a chance to own a piece of television history. The scripts, from two episodes titled “The One With Ross’s Wedding I” and “The One With Ross’s Wedding II,” were found in a trash bin 26 years ago after filming wrapped up at Fountain Studios in Wembley, London, a studio that no longer exists.

According to a retired 60-year-old employee of the studio, he discovered the scripts weeks after filming had ended and actors were supposed to destroy them to prevent leaks of the endings. Instead, he kept them in his office drawer and eventually moved them to his bedside drawer, where they have remained for years. Recently, he rediscovered the scripts and found a ticket belonging to a studio audience member inside one of them, prompting him to have them evaluated.

The scripts are now being auctioned by Hanson Ross, an auction house in Hertfordshire, England. Although the scripts have been valued at £600-£800 ($765-$1,021 USD) by Hanson Ross, the enduring popularity of the show and the recent passing of star Matthew Perry may drive the price even higher.

Amanda Butler, the head of operations at Hanson Ross, expressed her amazement at finding the original scripts. She stated that while the scripts were supposed to be destroyed, these two slipped through the cracks. She expects the auction to generate significant interest due to the show’s global appeal.

The episodes for which the scripts were written were part of a two-episode arc in which the characters travel to London to attend Ross’s wedding. The wedding doesn’t go as planned, and a cliffhanger ending leaves fans eagerly awaiting the next season. The scripts provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at the iconic show and its beloved cast.

The auction presents a rare opportunity for die-hard “Friends” fans to own a tangible piece of the show’s history. These original scripts hold immense sentimental value and are a testament to the enduring popularity of the beloved sitcom. The bidding war will take place on December 12, and it remains to be seen how much these pieces of television history will fetch.