Bigg Boss 17 Family Week Brings Emotional Reunions and Candid Conversations

Mumbai, India – In an upcoming episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 17, contestants will have the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones during the special family week. The anticipation is high as Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mothers enter the house to meet their children. This emotional event promises heartfelt reunions and open conversations among the contestants and their families.

Ankita’s mother expressed her concern regarding the ongoing fights in the house, stating that they didn’t portray the contestants in a positive light. Addressing Ankita directly, she questioned the frequency of their arguments, to which Ankita responded, seeking clarification if they were indeed fighting excessively. Her mother confirmed their excessive fighting, thus highlighting the need for a change.

The entrance of Vicky Jain’s mother brought a breath of fresh air to the atmosphere. With her quick wit and humorous one-liners, she lightened the mood and left everyone in splits. Her lively presence brought laughter and joy to the contestants.

Amidst the emotional reunions, a conversation unfolded between Ankita and her mother-in-law in the therapy room. Ankita was taken aback when her mother-in-law brought up an incident where Ankita had kicked Vicky. Reflecting on the incident, Ankita’s mother-in-law called Ankita’s mother to inquire if she had ever treated her husband in a similar manner. This comment left Ankita frustrated, and she firmly requested her mother-in-law to refrain from involving her deceased father and grieving mother in their conversation.

Earlier reports had revealed that Ankita was apprehensive about Vicky Jain’s mother’s arrival due to the couple’s constant clashes. However, the meeting took an unexpected turn. Instead of scolding Ankita, Vicky’s mother surprised her by showing affection and pampering her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ankita asked if her mother-in-law planned to scold her, to which she replied with warmth, questioning why she would scold her. The episode concluded with Ankita sitting in her mother-in-law’s lap, receiving love and care.

The family week in Bigg Boss 17 proves to be a momentous occasion, filled with joy, emotions, and candid conversations. As the contestants reunite with their loved ones, a heartfelt atmosphere envelops the house, providing an opportunity for growth and understanding among the participants.

In conclusion, the highly anticipated family week in Bigg Boss 17 has brought Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mothers into the house. Through emotional reunions and candid conversations, the contestants and their families navigate the challenges and joys of the reality show together.