Bigg Boss 17 Winner Munawar Faruqui Addresses Controversies, Rebuilding Image, and Life After the Show

Mumbai, India – Munawar Faruqui emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss 17, after a grueling competition spanning three and a half months. The stand-up comedian’s journey on the show was marked by controversy, as he faced allegations of being a womanizer. However, Munawar denied these claims and offered his sincere apologies. Now, as the show concludes, Munawar is basking in the joy of victory and his fans are celebrating alongside him. He has won a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs and a brand new car.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, Munawar opened up about his experience on the show, addressing concerns regarding his tarnished image, accusations of being a predetermined winner, and his plans to rebuild his reputation in the outside world. He also spoke candidly about his son Mikhail, expressing his desire for his son to learn from his mistakes and avoid repeating them.

Reflecting on his mindset during the winning moment, Munawar emphasized his unwavering determination throughout the competition. From the very first day, he was focused on winning the show and never lost sight of his dream and goal. He acknowledged the distractions and challenges along the way but was determined to overcome them. To him, winning the show and the love from his fans felt surreal and he attributed his victory to their unwavering support.

Munawar admitted to feeling anxious about the impact the controversies had on his personal life and the need to repair his image. The tags and accusations that people threw at him bothered him, but he recognized the importance of addressing them in due time. Before attempting to change perceptions, he wanted to ensure that he didn’t hurt anyone while trying to fix things in his personal life. His priority now lies in nurturing his relationships outside of the show.

Regarding the allegations of being a fixed winner, Munawar dismissed them by highlighting the scrutiny and hard work he had to endure. He emphasized that if he were truly a predetermined winner, he would have had an easier journey and received everything effortlessly. While he acknowledged that people may perceive it that way due to his strong fanbase and the stakes involved in reality shows, he can’t change everyone’s opinion. Munawar firmly believed that watching the entire season would dispel any notions of favoritism.

One of Munawar’s concerns was how his son would perceive him after watching the show. Initially worried about the impact of the negativity surrounding him, Munawar now wants his son to witness his mistakes and learn from them. He hopes to guide his son, advising him against repeating his wrongdoings. Munawar sees his experience as a potential lesson for others as well.

Looking ahead, Munawar expressed his intention to maintain friendships with his fellow contestants. He emphasized that he would not hold grudges or engage in conflicts, understanding that the competition created pressure that may have caused misunderstandings. For him, the show was merely a game, and he won’t punish anyone or become enemies with others. Munawar’s forgiving and reconciliatory approach reflects his belief in moving forward with positivity.

Addressing criticism about his smiling demeanor during apologies and expressions of remorse, Munawar defended himself, explaining that it is simply his natural way of communicating. As a passionate writer, he has a penchant for writing poetry, stories, songs, and stand-up comedy, which influences his manner of speech. Munawar emphasized that his intention has never been wrong, and his laughter or smile should not diminish the sincerity of his remorse.

Munawar Faruqui’s victory on Bigg Boss 17 symbolizes the culmination of his resilience and determination throughout the competition. Now, with the support of his fans and a newfound sense of self-awareness, he aims to mend his personal life and rebuild his public image. As he embraces the next chapter of his journey, Munawar remains hopeful that his experiences will serve as a valuable lesson for himself, his son, and many others.