BLACKPINK’s Lisa Launches LLOUD Label: Spearheading Global Promotions with Innovation and Authenticity

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Lisa, a member of the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK, has made a significant move by launching her own label, LLOUD. Her fellow group members, Jennie and Jisoo, have also taken independent steps in their careers, making Lisa the third member to do so.

LLOUD, as described by Lisa’s agency, is an artist management company that aims to create unique experiences that transcend genres and connect generations. Their core focus is on innovation and authenticity, pushing boundaries and crafting chart-topping, genre-defying music.

Lisa’s global prominence makes her expected to actively promote her career on the international stage. This was evident in her recent appearance at the prestigious ‘Le Gala des Pièces Jaunes’.

In November of last year, Jennie became the first member of BLACKPINK to announce the launch of her own label, Odd Atelier. On the other hand, Jisoo is currently preparing to establish a label in partnership with her brother. Speculation is also rife that Rosé will follow suit and establish her own label for her solo promotions.

For more information about LLOUD by Lisa, visit their official website.

The launch of her own label is a significant step for Lisa as she ventures into her solo career, joining her fellow BLACKPINK members in taking control of their music and artistic direction. This move by the BLACKPINK members reflects their growing influence and desire for creative autonomy in the fiercely competitive K-pop industry.

By establishing LLOUD, Lisa aims to showcase her unique talents and further expand her reach as a global artist. This move also enables her to explore diverse musical styles and collaborate with artists from around the world.

The rise of BLACKPINK has been nothing short of remarkable. From their debut in 2016, the group has achieved international fame and garnered a massive fanbase. With Lisa’s solo endeavors, fans can expect even more dynamic and captivating performances from the multitalented artist.

As each member of BLACKPINK takes bold steps towards independence, it signifies their determination to leave a lasting impact on the music industry. Lisa’s foray into the world of entrepreneurship adds another layer to BLACKPINK’s narrative, solidifying their status as trailblazers in the K-pop landscape.

In conclusion, Lisa’s successful launch of her own label, LLOUD, marks an exciting chapter in her career as a member of BLACKPINK. With her global influence and dedication to pushing boundaries, she is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry. As fans eagerly anticipate her solo projects, the future looks bright for Lisa and the rest of the BLACKPINK members as they continue to make waves both as a group and as individual artists.