Blizzard Ravages Plains and Midwest, Leaving 30 States in Its Path

A powerful winter storm is pummeling the Plains and Midwest with blizzard conditions, following a weekend storm that gained attention. This new storm is expected to have a greater impact and affect over 30 states across the country. The storm brings strong winds, heavy snowfall, and severe weather, making travel dangerous and even impossible in some areas.

Meteorologists at FOX Weather have been closely monitoring the storm, noting that the weather pattern has significantly changed in the past week and a half. Winter Storm Specialist Tom Niziol warns that this blizzard will bring severe conditions not only in terms of winter weather but also heavy rain and severe storms.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather alerts, including Blizzard Warnings, across the Plains and Midwest, with the alerts extending as far south as Texas and Oklahoma. The warnings also cover the Great Lakes region, with the storm expected to continue until Wednesday. This has prompted closures of highways in several states, including I-70 in western Kansas and I-80 in Nebraska.

The storm has already caused numerous weather-related accidents, with the Nebraska State Patrol responding to 50 incidents due to slick roads. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has declared a state of disaster emergency for winter storms, mobilizing emergency response crews.

As the storm moves into the Great Lakes region on Tuesday, gusty winds will persist in the Plains. This could bring snow and frigid temperatures to areas like Chicago. On Wednesday, cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Indianapolis may experience difficult commutes due to strong winds and blowing snow. Parts of New England may also see lingering rain and snow.

This storm is part of a larger pattern, with the jet stream dipping south over the central part of the country. This will likely lead to more storms in the coming weeks, following a similar track from the West to the southern Plains and then the Northeast.

In conclusion, the Plains and Midwest are currently facing a powerful winter storm with blizzard conditions, impacting over 30 states. The storm has led to hazardous travel conditions and prompted closures of highways. The effects of this storm are expected to continue until Wednesday, with another storm system likely to follow in the coming weeks.