Blockbuster Hit: ‘Alienoid 2’ Dominates Box Office with 11-Day Reign and Surpasses 1 Million Moviegoers

Seoul, South Korea – “Alienoid 2,” the highly-anticipated sequel to the sci-fi fantasy film “Alienoid,” has taken the box office by storm. Since its release on January 10, the film has dominated the Korean box office, enjoying an uninterrupted 11-day streak at the number one spot. In a remarkable feat, “Alienoid 2” has officially surpassed 1 million moviegoers as of January 21.

The star-studded cast of “Alienoid 2,” including Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, Honey Lee, Yum Jung Ah, Jin Sun Kyu, Jo Woo Jin, Kim Eui Sung, Yoon Kyung Ho, and more, has captivated audiences with their performances. The film has not only garnered significant financial success but has also resonated with viewers, sparking immense curiosity and excitement.

To commemorate the film’s achievement, the cast and crew of “Alienoid 2” gathered for a celebratory group photo, reflecting the pride and joy they feel for their accomplishment. This milestone not only highlights the dedication and talent of the individuals involved but also speaks to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the audience.

“Alienoid” enthusiasts and movie lovers alike can experience the magic of the franchise by watching the first part of the series, “Alienoid,” on Viki with English subtitles. This opportunity allows viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating storyline and build anticipation for the highly acclaimed sequel.

The success of “Alienoid 2” serves as a testament to the power of quality filmmaking and the allure of imaginative storytelling. With its captivating plot and talented cast, the film has resonated with audiences, solidifying its place as a box office sensation. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of “Alienoid” for this remarkable achievement.

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