Bold & Beautiful Fans Question Finn’s Hypocrisy and Obsession with Thomas

LOS ANGELES, CA – In the latest front-burner storyline on “Bold & Beautiful,” fans are experiencing a mix of excitement and skepticism. The introduction of Bill and Poppy’s relationship has caused some eye-rolling, but many are willing to give it a chance. Poppy, a fun character known for her unpredictability, is set to be revealed as Bill’s long-lost daughter Luna. This unexpected twist is expected to bring a wave of drama, especially when Poppy’s estranged sister Li discovers the truth. With the history between Li and Poppy, viewers are eagerly anticipating the sparks that will fly.

On the other hand, the love triangle involving R.J., Luna, and Zende has left some viewers feeling underwhelmed. The rushed introduction of this version of R.J. has failed to win over fans, who feel that they haven’t had enough time to connect with the character. The rapid progression of R.J. and Luna’s relationship, culminating in an “I love you” after just two weeks, has also left viewers skeptical. Additionally, Zende’s attempt to woo Luna with a secret romantic dinner has been met with discomfort from some viewers. The way he persistently pursued her, even when she expressed her desire to leave, was seen as inappropriate and unwanted.

Meanwhile, Finn’s intense focus on protecting Hope from Thomas has raised eyebrows among fans. Many are questioning why Finn hasn’t shown the same level of concern for his own family, especially when it comes to Sheila, who has a history of causing harm. Some viewers see Finn’s stance on Thomas as hypocritical, as he expected his wife to give Sheila some leeway but refuses to believe that Thomas could have changed. They find it puzzling that Finn is putting so much stock in a stranger’s story and disregarding his wife’s pleas to drop the issue. The plot-driven nature of this conflict has also drawn criticism from fans, who feel it is a contrived attempt to create tension now that Thomas has proposed to Hope.

Ultimately, the main question on fans’ minds is whether Thomas will revert to his old ways and go after Finn if cracks start to appear in his relationship with Hope. Finn’s words to Thomas, “As long as I live and breathe, you will never be with Hope. Ever,” have left some wondering if they were an invitation for Thomas to prove him wrong. If Thomas does go back to his dark side, it spells trouble for Steffy’s husband.

As the drama unfolds on “Bold & Beautiful,” fans eagerly await the next twists and turns in these storylines. The opinions expressed in this article are solely based on the author’s analysis of the show.