Boundaries Shattered: Abhira and Armaan Pray for Rohit’s Return Amidst Family Conflict

Mumbai, India – Dadi’s anger towards Armaan and Abhira sets the tone for the latest episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.” The tension escalates as Abhira suggests that Armaan participate in the puja instead. However, Dadi remains firm and instructs Sanjay and Kajal to carry out the rituals. Undeterred, Abhira and Armaan find a way to pray for Rohit’s return, despite Dadi’s attempts to keep them away.

Meanwhile, Aryan’s hockey match approaches, and he initially refuses to participate due to the ongoing turmoil. Abhira discusses Rohit’s situation with Madhav, who reveals that they have found no leads. Determined to support Aryan and step into Rohit’s shoes, Armaan agrees to take responsibility after Abhira shares a motivating story about Akshu. They plan to meet in the parking lot in 10 minutes.

Krish encourages Armaan to attend the match, and he convinces Aryan to play in Rohit’s absence. With concerns about Rohit’s return lingering, Armaan reassures Aryan and they decide not to inform Dadi to avoid upsetting her further. Abhira manages to convince Ruhi to join them at the match. As they drive to the venue, the group fondly reminisces about Rohit.

At the match venue, Aryan realizes that he has lost his hockey stick, which was a gift from Rohit. While Armaan suggests using a spare one, Aryan insists on finding that specific stick. Abhira comes up with a thoughtful gesture, attaching Rohit’s picture to a new hockey stick. The arrival of Dadi brings an unexpected moment of support, as she ties a red thread to the hockey stick and expresses her belief that Rohit’s presence will amplify Aryan’s strength.

In the forthcoming episode, Ruhi discovers an incoming call on Abhira’s phone from Manish Goenka, leading to suspicions and allegations. The episode closes on this intriguing note.

As the storyline progresses in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” tensions between Dadi, Armaan, and Abhira intensify. Despite the challenges, they find ways to express their faith in Rohit’s return and ensure Aryan’s participation in the hockey match. The characters navigate emotional obstacles while continuing to search for answers regarding Rohit’s disappearance.