Brandon Jenner Opens Up About Rebuilding Relationship with Caitlyn Jenner: ‘We’re Very Close’

Los Angeles, California – Brandon Jenner, the son of Caitlyn Jenner, recently shared details about his improved relationship with his father and half-sister in a new interview. The 42-year-old singer revealed that he and Caitlyn currently have a “great” and “very close” relationship. Speaking with Us Weekly while promoting his new UnchainedTV series, “At Home With the Jenners,” Brandon explained that he talks to his dad almost every day. He also mentioned that they share a lot in common, such as both being pilots, and spend time together working on planes.

Brandon’s wife, Cayley Jenner, added that their sons have a nickname for Caitlyn and affectionately refer to her as “Boom Boom.” She mentioned how the kids ask about Caitlyn and love to see her when she’s around. Fortunately, it seems like Brandon and Caitlyn were able to repair their relationship in recent years.

Brandon and his younger brother, Brody Jenner, have previously discussed their strained relationships with Caitlyn. They both expressed that their father didn’t spend much time with them growing up, especially after Caitlyn married Kris Jenner in 1991. However, it appears that the siblings have moved forward and have better relationships with their father now.

In addition to his improved bond with Caitlyn, Brandon revealed that his children have met his half-sister Kylie Jenner’s kids, Stormi and Aire. Although they haven’t spent much time together recently due to their busy schedules, Brandon and Kylie plan for their kids to spend more time together in the future.

Brandon also opened up about his approach to fatherhood, sharing that he is raising his children differently than his own parents did. With both his mom and dad being busy when he was growing up, he aims to be more present for his own kids.

Overall, Brandon Jenner’s candid interview sheds light on the improved relationship he has with his father, Caitlyn, and the bond his children have with their half-sister, Kylie Jenner’s kids. It’s clear that they have worked on their relationships and hope to continue growing closer as a family.