Breaking: Steve Burton Returns to ‘General Hospital’ Amid Real-Life Soap Opera Drama

Los Angeles, California – Actor Steve Burton is making a comeback to the popular soap opera “General Hospital” after facing personal drama off-screen. Burton was previously released from the show due to the network’s coronavirus vaccine mandate. However, he is now returning to the series following his divorce from his ex-wife, who had a child with another man while they were still together.

Burton’s return to “General Hospital” was announced through a dramatic teaser shared on social media. The actor, who first joined the show in 1992, has a devoted fanbase that is eagerly anticipating his comeback.

In 2021, Burton took to Instagram to explain his departure from the show, expressing his disappointment at losing his job due to the vaccine mandate. He had applied for medical and religious exemptions, but both were denied. Despite the setback, Burton remained grateful for his time on the show and spoke about personal freedom in his statement.

After his exit, Burton’s personal life took another turn when he announced his separation from his ex-wife, Sheree, in 2022. The couple had been married for 23 years, and it was revealed that Sheree was expecting her fourth child with another man. Burton clarified on his Instagram story that the child was not his.

Burton and Sheree finalized their divorce later in the year, agreeing to joint custody of their minor children. Burton will be paying Sheree $12,500 per month in child support until April, after which the amount will decrease to $10,000. He is also obligated to provide health insurance coverage for the children.

Shortly after finalizing his divorce, it was announced that Burton would be leaving another soap opera, “Days of our Lives.” Despite this setback, the actor maintains a positive outlook on life and relies on his faith when faced with challenges.

As fans eagerly await Burton’s return to “General Hospital,” his comeback serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of both on-screen and off-screen dramas in the entertainment industry.

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