Breakup Looming? Ankita Lokhande Contemplates a ‘Break’ from Husband Vicky amid Mother-in-Law Drama

Mumbai, India – Ankita Lokhande, a popular actor known for her appearances on the reality show Bigg Boss 17, appeared visibly upset and distressed in a recent episode promo. In a conversation with her husband Vicky Jain, she expressed her frustration at not being understood by anyone. This emotional exchange took a toll on Lokhande, particularly when her husband started complaining about her as well, prompting her to suggest taking a break from each other.

The promo depicted Vicky and Ankita in a garden setting, with Vicky playing with her hair while trying to console her. Ankita shared her concerns about their relationship and how she feels misunderstood by those around her. While Vicky assured her that other people’s opinions didn’t matter, Ankita admitted that it still affected her deeply.

As the conversation continued, Vicky began listing the things he disliked about Ankita, such as her constant criticism of his actions and her facial expressions towards him. He also highlighted their differing thought processes. Responding to this, Ankita proposed the idea of taking a break, a suggestion that left Vicky visibly shocked.

Fans of the show have been speculating about the possibility of Ankita and Vicky divorcing once they leave the show. The couple has repeatedly shown incompatibility, frequently engaging in arguments and even physical altercations. At one point, Vicky was caught on camera almost slapping Ankita.

The situation worsened when Vicky’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house. She confronted Ankita about a scene where Ankita appeared to kick Vicky on TV, which prompted Vicky’s father to ask Ankita’s mother if Ankita treated her husband the same way. Ankita was upset by this incident and requested that her mother-in-law refrain from involving her own mother, especially considering her mother is now alone following the death of Ankita’s father.

In subsequent interviews, Ankita’s mother-in-law made scathing remarks about her, expressing that Ankita was never their preferred choice as Vicky’s life partner.

In summary, Ankita Lokhande’s emotional state on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 hints at the toll her mother-in-law’s cruel words have taken on her. She expressed feeling misunderstood by everyone, including her husband. The promo concluded with Ankita proposing taking a break, leaving Vicky astonished. Speculations have arisen among fans that the couple may consider divorce after the show due to their continuous conflicts, including one incident where Vicky was captured almost slapping Ankita. Additionally, Vicky’s mother’s entry into the Bigg Boss house further strained Ankita’s relationship, as she raised questions about Ankita’s behavior towards her son.