Brock Davies Opens Up About Difficulties in Relationship with Ex and Kids on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Brock Davies, star of “Vanderpump Rules,” opened up about his challenging relationship with his children during a recent podcast interview. Davies shared his struggles and emotions with his ex-wife and his inability to see his children, Winter and Eli, during a recent trip to Australia with his current partner, Scheana Shay.

Speaking on Shay’s podcast, “Scheananigans,” Davies became emotional as he discussed the situation. He admitted that his past actions had caused trauma for his children, resulting in an estrangement that needed to be mended. Davies, 38, expressed his desire to be a present and loving father, hoping to rebuild trust and have a better relationship with his kids.

Although the situation has improved, with Davies catching up on child support payments, he shared that he was still unable to see his children during his visit to Australia. Davies acknowledged that he understood their hesitation in building a relationship with him given the changes and challenges they were facing in their lives.

Despite the difficulties, Davies remains committed to doing the right thing and constantly working towards a better connection with his children. He expressed his gratitude to those who expressed concern and his hope that his children would eventually come around.

Shay, Davies’ partner, chimed in during the podcast, mentioning the progress they’ve made in receiving photos of the kids and taking “baby steps” towards a healthier co-parenting relationship. Davies, visibly emotional, expressed his desire to fight hard but acknowledged the need for a delicate balancing act and the consequences of his past actions.

In conclusion, Brock Davies, a star of “Vanderpump Rules,” opened up about his challenging relationship with his children during a podcast interview. Despite his efforts, he was unable to see his kids during a recent trip to Australia. Davies remains committed to making positive changes and building a better relationship with his children, understanding the need for time and trust.