Carly Finds Comfort in Friend’s Unexpected Support After the Loss of Her Mother

Los Angeles, California – Carly shuts down Kelly’s for the day and is greeted by a knock at the door. It’s Liz, who offers her condolences for the loss of Carly’s mother. Liz expresses her willingness to support Carly and her family during this difficult time. Carly invites her inside for a cup of coffee.

Once inside, Liz sits at the bar and assures Carly that she is there for her if she needs to talk or cry. Carly appreciates the gesture and steps away to grab a pastry. However, she quickly becomes frustrated when she discovers that the sink in the kitchen has backed up. Liz, who used to work at the restaurant, knows how to fix the problem and quickly resolves it. Carly is grateful for Liz’s help and reflects on her mother’s importance in her life.

Returning to the bar, Liz shares how Bobbie, Carly’s mother, had been a source of support for her during a dark period in her life. The bar had become a refuge for Liz, and she wanted to be there for Carly in the same way. Carly acknowledges that being a nurse was a perfect fit for her mom, and Liz assures her that Bobbie’s legacy of caring for others will continue.

After their heartfelt conversation, Liz bids farewell and leaves Carly to her thoughts. Meanwhile, at Deception, Felicia admits to crossing a line by running a paternity test on Cody. She obtained his DNA sample without his knowledge, a breach of trust. Maxie, who is present, expresses her disbelief at Felicia’s actions. Cody, unfazed, remarks on the involvement of more than just Mac, Felicia’s husband.

Sasha arrives and learns about Felicia’s actions. Felicia acknowledges her mistake and confirms that Cody is not Mac’s son. Maxie admits her own foolishness for believing otherwise. Felicia seeks reconciliation with Cody, who acknowledges that their secret could have remained hidden. However, Sasha confesses her role in the situation, having swapped out the DNA sample. Cody appreciates Sasha’s loyalty but worries about the implications it may have for her.

Felicia and Maxie decide to spend time together, while Cody and Sasha are left to navigate the consequences of their actions. At CafĂ© Cherie, Lucy is frantically trying to order Bobbie’s favorite flowers for the memorial service. Scott expresses surprise at Lucy’s dedication given their past feud. Lucy reveals her complex feelings towards Bobbie and regrets the mistakes she made, realizing now how jealousy had clouded her judgment.

Lucy confides in Scott, admitting that if she had been honest about her feelings towards Bobbie, they could have been friends. Scott acknowledges Bobbie’s forgiving nature and the impact she had on his life. Lucy dries her tears and resolves to honor Bobbie’s memory before returning to their plan of marrying him off to Tracy.

At the Port Charles Grill, Tracy and Brook Lynn meet for a business lunch. Brook Lynn notices that Tracy’s heart isn’t in it due to Bobbie’s passing. Martin unexpectedly joins them, and Tracy questions his absence from Lucy’s lunch. Martin explains that Lucy was too distraught over Bobbie’s death to join him. Tracy warns Martin about Lucy’s past and suggests he proceed with caution.

Tracy becomes determined to use Scott and Lucy’s faults against them, vowing to destroy them for crossing her. Brook Lynn worries that Tracy’s focus on revenge may distract her from dealing with her own feelings about Luke. In a different setting, Willow visits Carly’s house and offers her condolences. Willow notices Michael’s presence and inquires about Carly’s whereabouts. Michael explains that Carly is at Kelly’s and is in need of time alone.

Alone with Michael, Willow addresses the issue of his secret and the hurt it has caused her. She expresses the need for space in their relationship, despite her support for his family. Michael agrees and promises to make things right. Despite their differences, they understand the importance of staying united during this difficult time.

Back at the police station, Dante releases Sonny from the interrogation room and informs him of Bobbie’s passing. Sonny acknowledges Dante’s role as a cop but questions his loyalty after having him arrested. Dante reassures Sonny of his concern, and they share a heartfelt moment. Diane arrives to discuss Sonny’s legal situation, and Dante gives them privacy.

Diane speculates that self-defense can be their defense strategy and updates Sonny on Cyrus’s condition. She assures Sonny that she will do her best to secure his release on bail. In the midst of their conversation, she brings up the topic of Sonny’s marriage to Nina but Sonny dismisses it, emphasizing that his priority is his family’s loss. Diane secures his release, and Dante urges her to look out for Sonny’s well-being.

Carly, overwhelmed with memories of Bobbie, prepares to leave Kelly’s when she finds Sonny at the door. They face each other, seeking solace in their shared loss.

In Port Charles, friends and family come together to mourn the loss of a beloved member of their community. The impact of Bobbie’s life and legacy is felt deeply by all who knew her. As they navigate their grief and secrets, the residents of Port Charles find that unity and support are vital in times of loss.

This article captures the emotional encounters and reflections of Port Charles residents following the loss of Bobbie, Carly’s mother. Liz’s unexpected visit to Kelly’s provides comfort and a listening ear for Carly, showcasing the complexity of their relationship. Meanwhile, Felicia’s actions create tension as her secret is uncovered, leading to a reckoning with Cody and Sasha. Lucy grapples with her past mistakes and regrets regarding Bobbie. Tracy becomes determined to use Scott and Lucy’s faults against them, setting the stage for potential conflict. Willow and Michael’s relationship faces new challenges, while Sonny deals with the aftermath of his arrest and mourns alongside Carly. The community gathers to pay tribute to Bobbie, highlighting the impact she had on their lives. As the residents of Port Charles navigate loss and personal struggles, they find strength in unity and support.