Carrie Coon Joins Season 3 of ‘The White Lotus’ as Cast Expands

Bangkok, Thailand – Carrie Coon, known for her roles in HBO’s “The Gilded Age” and “The Leftovers,” has been announced as the latest addition to the Season 3 cast of “The White Lotus,” created by Mike White. The news follows the recent additions of Parker Posey, Jason Isaacs, Leslie Bibb, Dom Hetrakul, Michelle Monaghan, and Tayme Thapthimthong to the ensemble. Natasha Rothwell, who will reprise her role as Belinda, was first reported by Variety in April 2023.

“The White Lotus” Season 3 will be set in Thailand, specifically in Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok, where the production is set to begin in February. The show’s setting has been confirmed by HBO, with Variety exclusively reporting the location in March. The scripts for the upcoming season have already impressed Rothwell, who has read them and expressed her excitement, praising Mike White’s storytelling abilities.

Carrie Coon’s character, Bertha Russell, in “The Gilded Age” has received positive reviews for her portrayal of a determined woman. Coon is represented by UTA, Foundation Talent, Narrative, and Peikoff Mahan Law. Additionally, HBO has partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to support the filming and promotion of the show’s third installment.

“The White Lotus” is created by Mike White and features his work as the executive producer and director. The series is also executive produced by David Bernad and Mark Kamine. As the anticipation builds for Season 3, fans can expect the show to deliver compelling and entertaining storytelling.