Charlie Sheen Granted Sole Custody of Twin Sons If Ex-Wife Fails Drug Test: Court Order Reveals

LOS ANGELES — Actor Charlie Sheen has been awarded full custody of his 14-year-old twin sons, following an order from the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The court order states that Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, will lose custody and visitation rights if she fails a drug test. The decision was made after Sheen filed an ex parte motion, indicating that he did not believe Mueller would oppose the request.

Although it is unclear what prompted the ex parte motion, it was filed and granted on Thursday without the response of Mueller. Representatives for Mueller and Sheen declined to comment on the matter. Currently, the former couple shares joint legal custody of their sons, but the primary residence is with Sheen. Mueller will lose custody and visitation if she tests positive for drugs or alcohol.

Documents filed in November 2022 outlined the conditions under which Sheen would be granted sole custody. They stated that if Mueller tests positive for drugs or alcohol, or relapses, Sheen would immediately be awarded full custody until further court orders or written agreements between the parties. The documents also outlined the frequency with which Mueller would be required to take drug and alcohol tests.

This development comes after Mueller allegedly relapsed last summer, as mentioned in the August document related to the existing child custody orders. Both Sheen and Mueller have battled addiction in the past. Sheen has sought treatment at rehab centers and has faced legal troubles related to domestic violence. In 2011, Mueller accused Sheen of violence, resulting in a judge removing their twin sons, who were 2 years old at the time, from his home.

In 2012, Mueller was sentenced to probation after an incident at a nightclub in Aspen, Colorado, where she allegedly assaulted a woman and was found in possession of cocaine. She was able to avoid jail time through an inpatient rehab program. She pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge in exchange for having the assault charge dropped.

While Charlie Sheen secures sole custody of his sons, the legal battle between him and Brooke Mueller continues. The court order is a significant development in their ongoing struggle over the welfare of their children.