Cheapskate Accusations: Brittany Mahomes Slammed for Allegedly Not Tipping Hotel Staff

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former soccer pro Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, has been accused of being a cheapskate by a TikToker who claimed to serve her at a five-star hotel.

TikToker Jessica O’Connor alleged that Brittany Mahomes did not tip an entire hotel staff after a days-long stay at 1 Hotel West Hollywood. O’Connor, who claimed to have worked at the hotel as a server, barista, bartender, and more, shared her experience in a social media video.

According to O’Connor, the incident took place when Brittany Mahomes was in town to shop for her wedding dress for her 2022 wedding to Patrick Mahomes. O’Connor recounted an encounter in which Brittany ran up a $130 tab, but left no tip.

While O’Connor acknowledged that not receiving a tip sometimes happens, she claimed that Brittany Mahomes and her group were at the hotel for almost a week and did not tip any of the staff. She further described Brittany Mahomes as unpleasant.

Several other TikTokers chimed in, supporting O’Connor’s claims by sharing their own experiences with Brittany Mahomes. However, some fans of Brittany Mahomes suggested that gratuity was already included in the bill and therefore she did not need to leave an additional tip.

O’Connor emphasized that she only judges people by their character and believes that how someone treats those in a position lesser than them is a reflection of their character. She expressed disappointment with Brittany Mahomes’ behavior.

Page Six has reached out to O’Connor, as well as Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, for comment. The publication has also contacted 1 Hotel West Hollywood to verify O’Connor’s previous employment there.

Brittany Mahomes, who has recently become part of Taylor Swift’s inner circle, has yet to address the allegations of not tipping the hotel staff. She has been making headlines for her frequent interactions with the music superstar.