Chelsea Handler Goes Rogue at Critics Choice Awards, Calls Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie to the Stage

SANTA MONICA, California – The 29th Critics Choice Awards took an unexpected turn when host Chelsea Handler decided to deviate from the run of show and invite Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie to the stage. Gerwig and Robbie’s film “Barbie” had been awarded multiple accolades throughout the evening, but most were presented during commercial breaks. This didn’t sit well with Handler, who had spent a significant portion of her monologue praising the film for its box office success and cultural significance during “The Year of the Woman.”

“I’m gonna go rogue because Greta and Margot deserve the opportunity to make an acceptance speech,” Handler declared. “Would you mind coming up and accepting the award?”

The camera cut to Gerwig and Robbie, who eagerly made their way to the stage from their table.

“Thank you, Chelsea. We love you so much,” Robbie expressed. “You know, when everyone is like ‘Oh, this is so unexpected.’ This is actually unexpected and was not a part of the show. We were very grateful nonetheless, and I’d like Greta to talk.”

Gerwig began by thanking Handler, expressing her excitement to be on the stage. She then acknowledged everyone who contributed to the making of the film, stating that she laughed during most takes because of the brilliant cast, including Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and America Ferrera.

In addition to thanking the cast, Gerwig also mentioned the corporations behind the film, Mattel for allowing them to reimagine their beloved icon, and Warner Bros. for supporting them every step of the way. She concluded her speech by giving a special shout-out to Noah Baumbach, her co-writer and new husband.

At this point, “Barbie” had already won several awards, including best original screenplay, original song, production design, costume design, and hair and makeup. Winning best comedy brought the film’s total to six out of its record-setting 18 nominations. The film was also nominated for best picture, director, actress (Robbie), and supporting actor (Gosling), among others.

The Critics Choice SeeHer Award was also presented at the ceremony, with America Ferrera as the recipient. Ferrera delivered a powerful speech, reflecting on her two-decade career and dedicating the award to “every kid yearning to break in.” She spoke about her journey as a first-generation Honduran American girl who wanted to be part of a storytelling legacy but rarely saw herself represented on screen.

Ferrera expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of her contributions to more authentic portrayals of women and girls. She credited writers, directors, producers, and executives like Robbie and Gerwig for rewriting outdated stories and challenging deep-rooted biases. Ferrera emphasized the importance of storytelling as a means to affirm the full humanity of all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or disability.

The Critic’s Choice Awards not only recognized the achievements of “Barbie” and its talented cast but also celebrated the breakthroughs made in storytelling that promote inclusivity and diversity. The impact of these films and the trailblazing individuals involved extends beyond the silver screen, marking a significant moment in the industry’s efforts to narrate a more representative and meaningful array of stories.