Cher’s Request for Conservatorship Denied, Another Hearing Scheduled for January 29

LOS ANGELES(AP) — A judge in Los Angeles declined to immediately grant Cher’s request for legal conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman, who opposes the move. However, the court has scheduled another hearing to address the issue in the coming weeks. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui ruled that Cher’s attorneys did not provide Allman and his legal team with sufficient time or necessary documents to adequately present their case. The next hearing is set for Jan. 29.

Last week, Cher, an Oscar- and Grammy-winning singer and actor, filed a petition to take control of Allman’s finances. She expressed concerns about his struggles with addiction and mental health issues, asserting that he is unable to manage his money and may be at risk of buying drugs, potentially jeopardizing his life. Allman currently receives money from a trust established by his late father, musician Gregg Allman. Cher’s attorney, Gabrielle Vidal, highlighted the urgency of the situation, calling the immediate establishment of a conservatorship a “life-and-death proposition.”

However, Judge Uzcategui stated that she was not persuaded by Cher’s arguments. Her decision was influenced by Cher’s attorneys’ refusal to share relevant materials with Allman’s legal team when contacted on Thursday. Cher’s lawyers cited confidentiality concerns as the reason for their reluctance, instead sharing the documents with Allman’s court-appointed lawyer.

In his court filing prior to the hearing, Allman contested the need for a conservatorship. He acknowledged his struggles with addiction and irresponsible spending but emphasized that he is currently under medical care, has remained sober for over three months, attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and is willing to undergo drug tests. Allman’s filing expressed gratitude for his mother’s love and support, while asserting that he does not require her unsolicited assistance at this time.

Allman was present in court during the hearing but only provided brief responses to the judge’s questions. His legal team declined to comment after the proceedings. Cher, on the other hand, did not attend the hearing, and her attorneys have yet to respond to requests for comment.

To summarize, a Los Angeles judge has postponed a decision on Cher’s request for a conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman. Cher’s attorneys were deemed to have failed in providing Allman’s legal team with the necessary documents and time to present their case. The next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 29. Allman opposes the conservatorship, acknowledging his past struggles but asserting that he is currently receiving medical care, attending support meetings, and willing to undergo drug tests. Cher’s lawyers argued that the conservatorship is a matter of urgency due to Allman’s financial situation and his potential vulnerability to substance abuse.