Chicago Bulls Fans Shamefully Boo Late GM Jerry Krause during Halftime Celebration

CHICAGO – Chicago Bulls fans expressed their disapproval of late general manager Jerry Krause during a halftime celebration held at the United Center on Friday. The ceremony aimed to honor the team’s inaugural Ring of Honor class, as well as Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson and other notable members of the organization. However, when Krause’s name was announced and his image displayed on the big screen, the crowd erupted in boos.

The reaction from the fans visibly shook Thelma Krause, his widowed wife, who was shown on the screen during the incident. The public display of disapproval left many questioning the appropriateness of the fans’ behavior.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who won three championships with the Bulls under Krause’s management, expressed his disappointment with the fans’ reaction. Kerr described the boos as “absolutely shameful” and highlighted his sympathy for Thelma Krause and the entire Krause family. He emphasized that the purpose of the event was to celebrate the team’s success and the shared love between the city and the players.

Jerry Krause is widely credited as the architect of the Bulls’ dynasty, orchestrating their six championships. However, he is also criticized for his role in dismantling the franchise’s core after their last victory in 1998. Krause passed away in 2017, leaving behind a controversial legacy.

In conclusion, Chicago Bulls fans expressed their disapproval of former general manager Jerry Krause during a halftime celebration at the United Center. The incident generated widespread controversy as it highlighted the mixed sentiments surrounding Krause’s contributions to the team’s success. Despite the boos, the ceremony aimed to commemorate the team’s achievements and the bond between the players and the city.