Chicago Fire Showrunner Reveals Exciting Season 12 Updates: Taylor Kinney’s Return and Kara Killmer’s Exit

Chicago, IL – The showrunner of the popular NBC series “Chicago Fire” has revealed exciting details about the upcoming 12th season. Andrea Newman, the showrunner and executive producer, recently discussed the return of Taylor Kinney and his character Kelly Severide, as well as the departure of Kara Killmer, a longtime star of the show who portrays Sylvie Brett.

Kinney had taken a leave of absence during the 11th season, but fans will be thrilled to know that he will be back for the 12th season. Newman expressed her excitement about Kinney’s return, stating that the energy levels on set were incredibly high. She also confirmed that Severide will take center stage this season, despite the season being shortened.

Regarding Severide’s relationship with Stella Kidd, Newman teased a whole new dynamic between the characters. She mentioned that while the heat and sexual tension between them remains high, there is a fresh dynamic at play that audiences haven’t seen before. The upcoming OFI case (Office of Fire Investigation) that Severide deals with will bring tension to their relationship and explore the events of the past six months.

As for Killmer’s departure, Newman didn’t provide a specific number of episodes she will appear in. However, she did reveal that Killmer will be present for a significant part of the season as her character goes on a journey of her own before bidding farewell.

Additionally, Alberto Rosende, who portrays Blake Gallo, will also be leaving the show at the beginning of the season. Newman expressed deep affection for Rosende and his character, highlighting the significant growth Gallo experienced over the previous season. His departure, according to Newman, will have an impact on everyone and will leave a void in the writing process.

Fans can look forward to the upcoming 12th season of “Chicago Fire,” which is set to premiere on Wednesday, January 17th.

In summary, the showrunner of “Chicago Fire” has given an insight into the upcoming 12th season, revealing Taylor Kinney’s return as Kelly Severide and Kara Killmer’s departure. The season, though shortened, will focus on Severide’s character, exploring his relationship with Stella Kidd and a new OFI case. Killmer will be present for a significant portion of the season before her departure, and Alberto Rosende’s character, Blake Gallo, will also be leaving the show. Excitement is building as the premiere date approaches, and fans eagerly anticipate the twists and turns in store for their favorite characters.