Christie Takes Parting Shot at Haley: ‘She’s Gonna Get Smoked’ in Presidential Race

CONCORD, New Hampshire – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie formally ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, after a tumultuous run marked by clashes with fellow Republicans. Throughout his bid for the White House, Christie displayed his signature confrontational style, often engaging in heated exchanges with town hall attendees and criticizing his GOP rivals. However, his campaign ultimately faltered, and his departure was accompanied by a recording of him disparaging the candidate he claimed to support, Nikki Haley, saying she was “gonna get smoked.” Christie’s abrasive approach and strained relationships with fellow politicians have played a significant role in his political journey.

Christie’s aggressive demeanor and battles with public sector unions, which earned him popularity on the right during the Obama era, no longer seem to resonate in a drastically changed political environment. Loretta Weinberg, the former New Jersey state Senate majority leader who often clashed with Christie, remarked that people on a visceral level don’t like him. Furthermore, Christie’s unsuccessful attempts to consolidate power and his strained relationship with the media have contributed to his diminished political standing.

Despite the controversies surrounding Christie, he did have supporters who admired his authenticity and willingness to speak his mind. The chair of his allied super PAC, Bill Palatucci, praised Christie as an honest voice and emphasized his dedication to addressing pressing issues such as the national deficit and the rule of law. Republican New Jersey senator Jon Bramnick echoed this sentiment, suggesting that the media’s focus on Christie’s role as a Trump critic overshadowed the substantive comments he made during his campaign.

While Christie’s candidacy had its passionate followers, it also struggled with unfavorable ratings and a lack of traction among Republican primary voters. Nikki Haley emerged as a rising star in the race, garnering the endorsement of the popular Republican governor Chris Sununu and gaining ground on front-runner Donald Trump. Faced with this challenging political landscape, Christie found himself torn between attacking Trump and recognizing Haley as his competitor.

Ultimately, Christie’s frustrations reached a tipping point. As Sununu publicly denounced Christie’s campaign and predicted its demise, the former governor lashed out in response, calling Sununu a “liar.” This animosity culminated in a viral hot mic moment, where Christie was heard expressing doubt about Haley’s chances and questioning her campaign’s financial efficiency.

In the end, Christie’s run for president came to an end. His confrontational style and strained relationships hindered his ability to gain widespread support. While he had his admirers, Christie’s abrasive approach ultimately proved insufficient to propel him further in a crowded field of Republican contenders.

Christie’s campaign showcased his combative nature and distinctive political persona. However, it was his inability to appeal to a broader base that ultimately undermined his White House aspirations.