Chuku Modu Promoted to Series Regular for Season 7 of ‘The Good Doctor’ – Casting Shakeup Revealed

LOS ANGELES – Chuku Modu, known for his role as surgical resident Jared Kalu on ABC’s medical drama series “The Good Doctor,” has been promoted to a series regular for Season 7, according to casting sources.

“The Good Doctor” follows the journey of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism, as he uses his exceptional skills to save lives at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. The show, which first premiered in September 2017, has garnered a dedicated fanbase over its seven seasons.

Modu’s character, Jared Kalu, appeared in the first season and the Season 2 premiere before being written off. He returned in Season 6 in a recurring role, and in his storyline, viewers saw Kalu restart his residency at St. Bonaventure after initially leaving the hospital to become a concierge doctor. Now, with Modu’s promotion, fans can expect to see more of Kalu’s story unfold in the upcoming season.

The casting shakeup comes after the departure of Hill Harper, who portrayed attending plastic surgeon Dr. Marcus Andrews and later became the president of St. Bonaventure. Harper’s exit was announced in November 2023, as he expressed his desire to focus on a real-life senate run in Michigan.

Fans are also speculating about potential storylines involving Kalu’s relationship with third-year resident Jordan Allen. While Allen had a romantic connection with another character, Danny Perez, the actor playing Perez will not be returning for the new season, leaving room for a possible romance between Kalu and Allen. The dynamics between Kalu and Dr. Shaun Murphy, who serves as both his boss and friend, are also expected to be further explored.

As “The Good Doctor” moves into its seventh season, viewers are eagerly anticipating the development of these new storylines and the continued growth of the beloved characters.