Chynna Phillips Reveals Separation from Billy Baldwin After Embracing Christianity

Los Angeles, CA – Chynna Phillips recently opened up about the challenges she and husband Billy Baldwin faced in their marriage after she embraced Christianity. In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Phillips shared that they had separated for six months. Although she did not specify when this took place, it is evident that the couple went through a rough patch.

The musician, who tied the knot with Baldwin in 1995, explained how her deep dive into her faith affected their relationship. She admitted that her newfound focus on Jesus made her husband unsure of how to navigate their marriage, as she was fully dedicated to her spiritual journey.

This isn’t the first time that Phillips and Baldwin have faced difficulties in their marriage. In March 2010, Phillips filed for divorce from Baldwin but withdrew the papers shortly after. It is clear that the couple has had their fair share of ups and downs over the years.

Phillips also revealed that they have struggled to find common interests and activities that they can enjoy together as a team. The actress and singer explained that her husband wants her to be more engaged in topics like politics, wrestling, and his philanthropic work. However, she acknowledged that they have not found that one thing they can truly bond over.

Looking towards the future, Phillips expressed her hope that they will discover something that can bring them joy and fulfillment as a couple. She emphasized the importance of growth and maturity in their marriage, highlighting that she is not the same person she was 30 years ago when they first met.

Billy Baldwin’s representative has not yet responded to requests for comment.

In conclusion, Chynna Phillips has revealed that she and husband Billy Baldwin went through a six-month separation due to the challenges they faced in their marriage after her commitment to Christianity. The couple has also struggled to find shared interests and activities. However, Phillips remains hopeful that they will discover something that can strengthen their bond.