CoinDesk, the Acclaimed Leader in Cryptocurrency News, Announces Significant Privacy Policy Updates

NEW YORK (AP) — CoinDesk, the leading source of news and information on cryptocurrency and digital assets, has recently updated its privacy policy, terms of use, and cookie and personal information handling practices. The media outlet takes pride in its commitment to upholding the highest journalistic standards and adhering to a strict set of editorial policies.

In a significant development, CoinDesk was acquired by Bullish group, the owner of Bullish, a regulated institutional digital assets exchange, in November 2023. Bullish group is majority-owned by, and both entities have diverse interests in various blockchain and digital asset businesses, as well as significant holdings of digital assets like bitcoin.

Despite the acquisition, CoinDesk will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary. To maintain journalistic integrity, an editorial committee, led by a former editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, is being formed.

The inclusion of a former Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief on the editorial committee demonstrates the importance placed on upholding rigorous journalistic standards. This move is expected to foster a well-rounded perspective that encompasses both cryptocurrency expertise and traditional journalism principles.

CoinDesk’s association with Bullish group and positions it as a key player in the world of blockchain and digital assets. The influence and expertise of these entities reflect CoinDesk’s commitment to providing accurate and insightful information to its readers.

By leveraging its comprehensive network of resources, CoinDesk aims to continue delivering news, analysis, and reports that serve both industry professionals and enthusiasts. With its updated policies and the acquisition by Bullish group, CoinDesk is well-positioned to maintain its role as the go-to source for cryptocurrency and digital asset news.

In summary, CoinDesk, the renowned news outlet specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets, has updated its privacy policy and other user-related practices. It was acquired by Bullish group, majority-owned by, and will continue to operate independently with the support of an editorial committee. These developments highlight CoinDesk’s dedication to providing accurate and reliable information in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.