Comedian Jo Koy Responds to Taylor Swift Backlash at Golden Globes: Explaining the ‘Cute’ Joke

Los Angeles, California—Comedian Jo Koy found himself in hot water after making a joke about Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, sparking backlash from Swift’s fans. However, Koy insists that he did not mean to be offensive.

During his opening monologue on Sunday night, Koy mentioned Swift and poked fun at the lack of camera shots of her at the event compared to the NFL. As viewers noticed, Swift did not seem pleased with the joke and gave Koy a disapproving look, making it a potential new reaction meme.

In a post-show interview, Koy defended his joke, claiming that it was meant as a compliment toward Swift. He explained that he was referring to the fact that fewer camera shots meant she could have a more intimate experience that night.

This incident brings to mind the “Swift effect” that occurred when she began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Swift’s attendance at football games drew significant attention from the NFL and its fans, leading to complaints about the excessive focus on her in the broadcast.

While the NFL claimed they were just trying to have fun with it, even Kelce admitted that the league may have overdone it. Swift, on the other hand, rejected the notion that she sought the attention during an interview for Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

In conclusion, Jo Koy received backlash for his joke about Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes. However, he maintains that it was intended as a compliment. Meanwhile, Swift’s presence at NFL games in the past has generated considerable attention and prompted discussions about the balance between sports coverage and celebrity sightings.